Monday, January 31, 2011

Week One Post-Mortem

Whew, it was an insanely busy launch week. Looking back we probably should have delayed the launch until today, but that's not how things happened. Despite the state of bugs, etc. during the launch week everything went far better than expected. In fact, I'd say that the launch was a phenomenon. Not only did we get written up by the likes if, and, but we also had two projects see a surge in contributions: Cardinal Quest and Means of Escape. Huge congratulations to both of those projects.

Digging in a little deeper, our total traffic for the site was impressive. Between last Monday and yesterday we had 16,405 unique visitors and a whopping 84,000 page views. I don't know how familiar you are with site traffic, but that amount within the first week is pretty astonishing, at least as far as we are concerned.

Still, despite this good news, now is no time to slouch. We've got to redouble our efforts and make an honest attempt at becoming a frequented site for gamers everywhere who are interested in helping to fund indie game development. To do that it will take a valiant effort on behalf of:

8-Bit Funding staff

This week we plan on marketing the site in such a way so as to partner up with many different organizations. Already we are speaking with a few prominent names, although we have nothing to announce as of yet. In addition, we plan on launching mini-marketing campaigns around the web to drive traffic and keep people interested. Stay tuned for more information on that.

Project Creators

It is imperative that project creators actively keep people talking about there game and driving people to their project on 8-Bit Funding. We can drive traffic to the site, but you'll need to drive people directly to your project. To do this I urge creators to talk to their friends, family, and fans. Also don't be afraid to show off your game in various forums and game discussion communities. Your project will be 100% funded based on you.

The Community

As a member of the 8-Bit Funding community it's very important that you keep talking about games you like on the site, or share the site with friends/family online. If you like this idea of a site dedicated to funding indie game development then please help spread the word.


We've got a lot of work to do heading into February and it certainly won't be easy. 8-Bit Funding will be 100% judged based on successful projects. So, with that said, it's time to double our efforts and get people excited about seeing their favorite games come to life.

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