Friday, January 28, 2011

Bugs we are aware of...

Many people keep sending us emails about the same bugs this isn't a complaint per say, as we love that you guys are helping us figure this out as we go. However, there are certain bugs we are well aware of and is on our list of fixes incoming. Here's whats what:
  1. Currently you can't select a perk and then add more funds on top of it. Selecting a perk locks you into that perks price point.
  2. Using the "Contact Us" form upon submission relays a bunchof gobble-de-gook code.
  3. Widgets aren't working correctly.
  4. The Twitter "Share this Project" button is not working correctly.
  5. Formatting is placing "\" whenever an apostrophe is used.
If you find something else please leave us a comment!

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