Tuesday, November 22, 2011

8-Bit Funding v1.0

This is it! Over the weekend we pushed live our biggest update ever. Well,, biggest in terms of what's going on under the hood. As of right now we have fully fleshed out profiles which will allow you to see what you have backed, what you are following and have easy access to all of those things. We also have some new, and easy-to-understand privacy features for determining who sees what.

Fancy huh?

The big deal about this is that, on a feature level, it brings us up to par with the bigger crowdfunding websites. Up until this moment we were a fairly barren site offering really basic features.

We've still got some minor updates coming soon like the ability to sign up and login with your Facebook account.

After that we'll begin preparing for our next big update which will help us further stand out from the other crowdfunding sites to give indie developers a truly new choice when it comes to finding funding for their games.

P.S. Also achievements!


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