Monday, October 3, 2011

Some New Bug Fixes and Info on the next BIG Update

Sorry I haven't been updating this blog recently. With all the writings I do over at I find little time to actually post updates here. That said, today we pushed live a slew of fixes which should help a lot of people market their projects as well as put to rest some anxieties.

Here's the exact list:
  • Logging in now actually keeps you logged in for a maximum of 2 weeks. It used to not function at all...
  • Twitter and Facebook buttons now work appropriately! Sorry this one took us so long.
  • Project widgets are a little cleaned up.
  • PASSWORDS ARE ENCRYPTED. We don't send em to you, we don't have access to them. This has been a long time requested security feature. Sorry it took us so long to implement.
  • Properly alphabetized the categories. 
  • When creating a project all fields must now be filled out. 
Essentially we've patched up most of the larger holes that were left over from the first iteration of the site, which was a testing ground.

Moving on, we're now working on the next large update which we hope will be done within a month-ish. I can never say exactly how long they will take.

Essentially here's what it will be:
  • Completely revamped profiles
    • Activity stream which shows what you have been doing whether you've commented/updated, funded or created a project.
    • Increased privacy settings to allow varying degrees of access by others to your account.
    • Achievement system whereby you can gain little badges for different accomplishments. I can promise you this will be expanded to something really cool in the future, but for now they serve as little congratulatory niceties. 
  • Sign up via Facebook
    • Not everybody wants to create an entirely new account. Those of you with Facebook will have an easier time of accessing our system.
  • Private messaging
    • Currently the only way to contact each other is with a project update. With the new update you'll be able to message each other privately with access to perks or just with simple questions. 
  • Screenshot upload
    • Project creators will now have the option to upload 3 additional screenshots which will be featured just below the video. As great as videos are sometimes a screenshot can be a better way to promote your project.
Really this update is all about bringing the site to the same level as other crowdfunding sites. We want to be able to compete with the biggest of sites even if our niche is relatively small. You guys definitely deserve it!

As for the achievements, again, for right now they're just little niceties. Something to reward users for being awesome. That said, we're constantly brainstorming ways to expand on the concept and we've got some ideas floating around with how to do just that. So while they might be superficial in the beginning they're really just the beginnings of something truly unique and awesome.

If you have any questions feel free to sound off in the comments!

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