Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'll be at GDC! + Other News

You may have noticed a distinct lack of communication via this blog over the past couple weeks. It's not that I don't love writing here, honestly, it's just that we didn't have too much to report on.

Anyway, I'm writing today because we do actually have some news to report on:

First, as the title states, I'll be at GDC talking with developers about 8-Bit Funding as well as doing some DIYGamer duties. Should be a fun time! Note: I am explicitly not scheduling very many appointments as I want to ensure that I'm available should any developer just want to sit down and talk for a while with me about their games.

Next, as of this morning most of our bugs are now completely fixed. I know it might seem like everything took a while (3 weeks!) but when you're a very small team relying on work from volunteers or people who have day jobs, things just can't move as fast as you'd like. Fortunately for us, as of this moment we can begin plotting out our feature list for what we want to accomplish next. (hint: profiles need a huge make over!)

Finally, as our launch developers created their projects in a turbulent time, we will allow said developers to request a one month extension on their project. Hopefully this will encourage said developers to reinvest their time into finding additional people to help fund their games.

I'll have more to post on as GDC gets closer.

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