Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Project Submission Reviews

As we near our January 17th release (still on target, I promise!), we've come to the conclusion that having a curated process for reviewing projects is probably the best way to start off this site. I mean, let's be honest, the amount of projects the site will have in the beginning will probably be fairly low anyway. Still, in order to keep quality control and ensure that no obvious scammers are creating projects we've decided to create a review process. Here's how it will work:

Creating a project is still really easy. Simply sign up and click the big "CREATE" button. From there you'll fill out all the information you want, etc. etc.

Upon finishing your project creation, and clicking submit you're project will be sent into a review queue for one of us to check out. There we will assess the project, ensure that it is a legit game development project, and make sure everything looks solid. We will even offer a bit of proof reading to those international projects who might worry that their English is a bit off.

Once finished reviewing, if we determine that everything looks good, we'll simply hit a button, send you an email, and you can go in and set the project live at your leisure. Easy-peasy. Giving you the opportunity to set the project live at your own discretion is something we've done so that you don't lose valuable time to market your project. Every second counts, after all.

If, for whatever reason, we feel that your project does not fit in with 8-Bit Funding we will make efforts to inform you what is wrong with it and why we didn't approve of it. From there, you can edit the project based on our suggestions and resubmit for evaluation.

Of course, there will always be those, hopefully, rare occurrences where we'll just deny a project altogether for reasons that could be anything from an obvious scam, not being game-related, or even if we feel you're asking too much money while showing no gameplay or work having been competed. Our success will rely heavily on your success.

Hopefully this doesn't sound too complicated, but should you have any questions/feedback regarding our review system please feel free to comment below. We are more than interested in hearing your take on it.


  1. Is January 17th the time we could start creating projects? Or the time people could start bidding on them?

    I'm currently in the process of getting a video made for my work-in-progress game & will hopefully have it within a week or so :)

  2. @Ido

    January 17th is the time when people will be able to bid.

    I'm hoping to get developers to create their projects over the weekend and then I'll push them live for the launch on January 17th.

  3. @Geoff Gibson: Ok, I will try to hurry up and get it done by the weekend.