Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gearing Up For the Launch!

Whew... What a holiday season this was. While I'm sure many of you were actively celebrating the festivities of the end of 2010, we were cranking away on this site in order to get it ready for launch this month. Luckily for you, and us, everything seems to be running along right on time as we predicted last month.

Anyway, I just want to let everybody know that even after we launch 8-Bit Funding will continue to be a work in progress. Yes, it will be live and fully functional, but there are tons of small details we want to add to pay tribute to the gaming scene. Additionally, we'll look at expanding functionality of the site to offer both developers and gamers a better experience on the site. While the primary goal of 8-Bit Funding is to help indie developers find some spare change to complete their games, ultimately, we want to build a fantastic community of people who simply love to help.

How we go about fostering this community remains to be seen, but rest assured we are exploring multiple options including some forums.

P.S. If all goes as planned we hope to be ready for launch Monday, January 17th.

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