Friday, January 21, 2011

Editing Projects Problem

Alright so mini disaster struck today and unfortunately my developers are off for the weekend. Very frustrating that this happened just a few days before our official launch, but it's okay we'll just roll with it.

The original idea was that upon submitting a project, your project would go into our review queue where we could check it out and either approve it, or let you know of some fixes we require. From there you could always go into your "My Projects" area and your project (even though not yet approved) would be there and you could then edit it base don our suggested fixes. Pretty simple, right?

If only...

Unfortunately, while trying to convey that idea to my developers something got lost in the mix and instead of adding said features above they just removed the "Edit" ability altogether. So now nobody can edit anything, not even we admins.

We hope to have this fixed by Monday, in the mean time we have a rough fix for you. Should you require a few edits or changes we will approve your original project. From there you can open it up from your "My Projects" area and then copy and paste parts of the original so that you don't your work altogether. It sucks, granted, but it's the best immediate fix we have right now.

Terribly sorry for any inconveniences this causes guys.


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  2. I am 100% determined to get your project up and running... even if you have to email me your areas and I submit it myself. :)

  3. Thank you Geoff, with the dedication you are showing I am sure 8bf would be up for a great start, much to the benefit of all of us :)

  4. No worries Geoff - don't sweat it! Looking forward to launch and seeing some great projects.

  5. No worries. All of us "fund seekers" are developers so we know this stuff only happens near the end. Best of luck